Insanity Workout Schedule

Insanity Workout Schedule

Insanity is my favorite home cardio workout, and the Insanity Workout Schedule is one I have almost memorized since I’ve gone through the workout several times in the last few years. Insanity was created by Shaun T and produced and distributed by BeachBody. Shaun T is the star and presence in this workout, and his energy, demeanor, and the way he gets you to “Push It” is amazing. Even just watching the infomercial for this you will understand how infectious his energy really is. I am not the most energetic person, but in these workouts he enables me to really dig deeper to find those extra bits of energy to propel me through these insane workouts.

This workout is well known for being one of, if not the, hardest cardio focused home workout routine. From the first month where each session averages 40 minutes, to the even more insane second month with the average workout clocking in at an hour, you will sweat, you will finish curled up on the floor, but the rest of the day will be utter bliss as you will know you had an amazing workout. No excuses, buy this workout, it will change your life, it will get you in shape, you will lose weight, and you will feel amazing.

Insanity Classic Schedule

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Insanity Deluxe Schedule

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22 Minute Hard Corps

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Who is Insanity For?

The Insanity Workout Schedule is a very tough schedule to get into when you are not in great shape. As this is an earlier Beachbody workout there isn’t a modifier, so if you find the need to slow down or if you need a breath, you will need to modify on your own. Modification can be something like jogging in place, or just moving around the room. Do not pause the DVD, and do not stop moving. Your goal is to complete the workout and if you pause or stop moving it will be harder to jump back in, and as well your body will not become conditioned to the pace of the workout.

If you have worked out before, and are in decent shape, then this is the workout that you need to try. The Insanity Workout Schedule consists of workouts 6 days a week, with an optional stretch day on Sunday. THe typical structure is 3 days of workouts, a recovery day, then 2 more workouts, and a rest/stretch day. You should expect your body to be sore the first week or so until it gets used to the workouts, and then expect to be in shock the second month when Shaun T really pushes the insanity.

What are the workouts?

Fit Test – This workout is one you will do every two weeks to gauge how far you’ve come and how you’ve improved. It’s made up of a warm up, then you will do 7 moves and count how many you can do in the allotted time. These numbers will be recorded and used to determine how much you have improved over the course of the workout.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit
– Plyo to the extreme. Get ready to jump, move, and sweat in this awesome workout.

Cardio Power & Resistance – Shaun T will deliver a perfect blend of cardio and body weight exercises to really burn fat and induce a level of sweat you’ve never seen.

Cardio Recovery – When you think you will be recovering, Shaun T has you do this workout which is not a recovery but a sweat inducing stretch routine.

Pure Cardio – The mother of all cardio routines. No breaks, just cardio for 20 minutes. Have the water handy as you will need it.

Cardio Abs – He promises no crunches, but your abs and core will be feeling this workout for days. Nice short ab workout.

Core Cardio & Balance – Ah recovery week, when you were just starting to get used to the workouts, but your body needed a break. This is the best recovery workout, and one I will include with other workouts.

Max Interval Plyo – Now we’ve entered the second month, the workouts are longer, they are harder, and expect to see some difficult Plyo moves in this one.

Max Cardio Conditioning – You thought Pure Cardio was tough? Wait until you spend an hour doing cardio with Shaun T!

Max Recovery – Again, Shaun T’s idea of Recovery is very different than mine, that being said this workout does help your body recover by adding lots of difficult stretching movements.

Max Interval Circuit – Another intense workout from Shaun T. In the middle of this workout I find myself staring at my heart rate monitor wondering if it’s possible for my heart rate to be so high. This is insane.


Beachbody has produced a ton of amazing home workout routines, including Insanity. Our friends over at Top Workout Routines have covered a majority of those workouts, but our favorites outside of Insanity continue to be P90X3 and the 21 Day Fix.